About me

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Julita. I’m a creative person dealing almost all my time with fashion: I work for it, I spend my free time with it and I guess I dream fashionable dreams too 🙂  After years of living like this, in 2012 my baby – this blog was born and is till now my open lifestyle diary, which I write with a huge love.   
DIY fashion, outfit ideas, travelling diaries, styling tips, trends and fashion shows – all of it is awaiting for you if you will follow my fashion journey. I’m not a model, I’m not a designer (stylist sounds so cheesy…), but for my followers I can guarantee the most qualitative content and absolutely sincere communication.  🙂

Life is just too short to wear boring clothes! So  let’s explore the fashion world together! 

All photos, if photo source is not mentioned, belong to me – so please contact me before you “borrow” any of them! 😉