Summer OOTD | White Fringe Top

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I’m so happy that fringe trend stays with us for already several seasons. I own a lot of pieces, that are decorated with fringes or tassels, for example, do you remember this DIY fringed leather bag, which I’m so proud about?  or that lovely T-Shirt that I was wearing while visiting Copenhagen? Today I want to show you another fringed piece from my closet – this white top with extra long fringes. I am spreading summer and holidays mood on my blog with these sunny pictures from Santorini island! It is still July, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment, when you can wear something as light as in this outfit! =)
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jeans shorts with pom poms fringe top

fringe top jeans shorts_ santorini
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Bikini Time | Santorini Island

Santorini island amazing hotels

I never experienced such an unpredictable summer weather like this year before. One week I am wearing coats and sweaters, another – melting while wearing only bikini. There are some serious problems with global warming and I guess it is only the beginning… When the weather gets really awful here in Germany I review my travelling pictures and thus fill my heart with holiday sun. These pictures from Santorini island are very special to me because of all the magical moments I had there, what is more I think Santorini is one of the most beautiful corners in Europe. You have to see it live and feel the rhythm of this island to understand me. I hope I will be able to come back there one day, but till then my memories and emotions are perfectly captured in these pictures. Enjoy the gallery!
beautiful santorini island_ bikini

Greece Santorini island amazing

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OOTD |Sleeveless Blazer Dress

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It was kind of love from the first time when I saw this blazer dress on Already before buying it I made in my head lots of ideas how I’m going to style it both in summer and winter. And this is very important, because our generation has to stop the trend (or at least to try) wearing clothes only once. I don’t know if I’m just getting old or is it an environmental awareness, which makes me feel guilty when I buy more than I actually need and wear those pieces once or twice… I can say from my own experience – the less I have in my closet the easier my life is, because I meet the decision “what to wear today” much quicker. So please don’t judge me if you’ll see this sleeveless blazer dress on my blog again, because clothes are meant to be worn and not to be thrown away although they are in perfect condition. Let’s be a part of the change and think global:

ootd_style blogger _

I’m wearing: Sleeveless blazer style dress from Missguided (find similar here) | Bag: Accessorize | Shoes: Seventysixty

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Travelling Diary | Mykonos, My Love


If you are looking for great destination for your summer holidays, put Mykonos on your list and you won’t regret! You will make amazing pictures on every corner, enjoy the best Greek food, swim in the clear sky blue see, nevertheless Mykonos is famous for it’s nightlife, so to sum up, Mykonos offers the best conditions for your perfect holidays.

I left my heart in those narrow, cozy white streets of Mykonos, I’m sure you will leave too. =)

mykonos 2

mykonos ss

Mykonos _greece 2_ Mykonos tourism architecture_julitastefashion
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DIY in 5 Minutes – Cute Bag With Eyes

Bags have feeling too_

Hey guys,

Inspired by Anya Hindmarch handbags and latest street style looks I decided to create one of those funny, optimistic bags for myself. Already several months this cute DIY clutch accompanies me every day as a cosmetic bag. I simply love it, because every time I see it, it makes me smile.

First I thought I will cut all the pieces out of leather  in order to make those eyes, but then I found these plastic eyes and they made everything so easy!  I hope this tutorial will inspire you to give your bag, phone case, shoes or notebook funny eyes too.

DIY Fashion_DIY bag with eyes_ funny eyes_ julitastefashion_ DIY ideas_ DIY tutorial

DIY process

For this DIY you will need: a bag, phone case or other item you want to pimp, glue, a pair of plastic eyes, scissors and the piece of leather . As you see in the picture above, all you need to do is to cut lashes out of leather piece and glue them together with plastic eyes on the bag. It is so easy and cute, isn’t it?

DIY Fashion_DIY bag with eyes_ funny eyes_ julitastefashion_ DIY ideas_ DIY tutorial_style

This is how I style it! Love summer and all the bright colors!

DIY Fashion_DIY bag with eyes_ funny eyes_ julitastefashion_ DIY ideas_ DIY tutorial_style 2

Car leg selfie :)

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DIY Necklace With Leather Cord

DIY fashion_DIY blogger _DIY tutorial_ DIY necklace__leather

I have so many DIY ideas recently and  if had enough of time to work on my blog (I think it is not a secret, that one qualitative DIY post requires at least 5 hours of work), I could post 2-3 times per week my new creations here on the blog. Spring makes wonders with our minds, creativity and soul, isn’t it? =)

Today I would like to show you a close step by step tutorial how to make this original DIY necklace with leather cord. Statement necklaces were yesterday, all stylists say, so now is the time for the fine, minimal colliers and necklaces. How I made this one? – continue reading my post and find it out!

DIY fashion_DIY blogger _DIY tutorial_ DIY necklace__

DIY fashion_DIY blogger _DIY tutorial_ DIY necklace__hotel

Wearing double DIY pack: necklace and my beloved DIY off-shoulder shirt, about which I will tell you more in my up coming posts ;)

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